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Have you been looking for a professional web design agency in Essex? If so, you have come to the right place. We have been providing cutting-edge web development and design services since 2018. Let us help you get your new website up and running. Request a quote today.

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Web Design agency

Get more from your Essex Web Design agency. Our web designers work with each client to create a custom design and web development service. The process is completely bespoke and helps clients better understand how designs should fit consumer needs. Check out our portfolio to see our examples of Essex web design.

We are a Web Design agency in Essex, that are specialists in delivering highly functional, bespoke web design and development services

Our web design and development experts are focused on delivering results and commercial impact. We obsess over every pixel to ensure that your website stands out when compared to your competitors.

Let’s collaborate. Speak to one of our highly experienced website developers today.

We create hard-hitting landing pages that drive conversions

The best websites motivate your audience to take action. We will work with you to create compelling and persuasive landing pages that drive on-page conversions and persuade your audience to take action across all your products and services.

Bespoke Website Design services

TMH Digital’s expert web design and web development team have over a decade worth of experience in every conceivable style, size, and scope for every sort of brand and business. View our web design services below:

Website Design

Your website is the window display to the world, so your website needs to stand out. Our web designers create bespoke website designs that gives you a competitive edge.

Website Development

We provide a comprehensive web development service that offers businesses with everything they need in order to establish and maintain an online presence.

eCommerce Websites

Bespoke eCommerce Website Design & Builds can transform your business and drive growth. Increase your customer base, revenue, and product sales by converting more visitors into customers.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Our experts can fully maintain and manage your website. Our maintenance plans include unlimited website changes and revisions, managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 expert support.

How we approach Web Design

Our thought-out approach, based on years of experience, helps you have a smooth website design experience.


Research & planning

We’re a Web Design Agency that likes to be transparent and manage expectations. We never get involved in any web design projects without doing our research first! Having a solid plan in place that will stand the test of time will help your business beat your competitors and dominate the industry. We carry out extensive research into your competitive landscape, figuring out what is working for your competitors and what isn’t, so we can create a solid, ROI focused strategy based on your needs. We also map out everything that needs to be completed and we add this in an actionable timeframe, so you can be confident we are hitting milestones along the way.



Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive? Your website is the shop front for your business and it is often the first thing a potential customer or client will see. This means your website design has to catch the users attention quickly and hiring a capable Web Design Agency like us, can help you achieve this. We create multiple design mockups for your approval, featuring the homepage and up to 3 other key pages.


Website development

Once everything is approved and signed off by yourself and your team, we get cracking with the real work and this is where the fun begins. We take our strategy and the approved design mockups and get to work building your new website, keeping you in the loop throughout the process, so you can see the progress we are making.


Amendments, SEO optimising & testing

Phase 4 is when we take your final draft and turn it into a polished, SEO optimised and responsive website that is completely bespoke to your needs. We make your amendments, we make sure your new website will be playing happy with Google and we carry out extensive testing on every browser and device, to make sure there are no bugs that crop up.

Whether you are looking for an online store, or a website re-design, we can help. If you are looking for an expert Web Design Agency who can bring your ideas to life, get in touch with our team today for a no obligation quote.

Web Design agency – FAQ’s

Can you help me define a strong personality for my brand?

We absolutely can! Our team of designers and developers specialise in turning a basic concept into an impressive web presence. If you are not sure how to present your company, we will be happy to assist.

Will you help me to rank on Google?

We commonly receive this query. Our websites are equipped with the design and development features you need to appear in Google’s search results. A website, however, is only one aspect of a successful SEO strategy, and your content marketing and competitors will determine your overall ranking.

If you are looking to rank higher on search engines, our SEO experts can help. Find out more here.

What If I Already Have a Website?

We can assure you that we will do a great job whether you need a new website or want us to improve an existing design. Old website designs are often bulky and don’t provide users with the best experience.

Are your websites mobile and tablet responsive?

All of our websites look great on every device and our website development process includes mobile and tablet optimisation.

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