case study


Facebook – Website Optimisation


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in CPA cost


Deft is manufactuer of effortless, pain free cleaning products for people suffering with hand pain and arthritis.

Deft tasked us with increasing their online sales, optimising their website for speed and conversions and growing their brand awareness with the older demographic.


After a course of in-depth planning, following multiple meetings with Deft’s directors, we decided that the best place to start would be optimising their website for speed and encouraging conversions, that would ultimately increase the likelihood of a potential customer converting once we start sending traffic to the website.

Once we optimised the website, we agreed that Facebook Advertising would be the most effective way of generating large amounts of affordable, targeted traffic.

We worked closely with the Deft team to create campaign visuals that would resonate with their existing customers and entice new customers.