case study

Adria Caravans

Facebook Ads – Google Ads – Bing Ads – YouTube


Brochure Downloads Increase


Increase in Web Traffic YoY


Decrease in Cost Per Download


Adria UK is one of the largest manufacturers of Caravans, Motorhomes and Vans. For the past 50+ years, they have been producing high quality vehicles and distributing them across their extensive dealer network in the UK. Adria UK approached us looking to increase their number of brochure downloads, therefore filling their email list with high quality, interested vehicle buyers.


After extensive planning sessions and in-depth market research, our team started building Adria UK, a solid digital marketing strategy that would generate qualified leads in the UK.
We decided to run an ongoing integrated marketing campaign using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube and AdRoll for remarketing potential buyers.

We worked closely with the Adria UK team to create campaign visuals that would resonate with their existing customers and entice new customers.


Adria UK managed to generate a 122% increase in brochure downloads, a 62% increase in website traffic year on year and decreased the cost per brochure download by 48%, making their digital marketing campaign a huge success.