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We’re a Paid Social Agency and our campaigns typically increase sales by 127% within three months of working with TMH Digital. Are you looking to generate high quality business on social media? Let’s talk.

We’re a Paid Social Media Agency that can help you engage and convert your audience.

Are you looking for a forward thinking Paid Social Media Agency that can cut through the noise and engage and convert your audience into high quality business through tried and tested paid social media channels? We can help.

Our Clients Typically Increase Sales By 127% Within Three Months

We’re a Paid Social Media Agency with years of experience in social media marketing services, working with companies, government bodies and charities worldwide to grow their organisations, using the power of paid social media advertising.

Paid Social media marketing includes the use of social media platforms like Meta Ads, X Ads (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn Ads, Snapchat Ads and more, to reach your business goals.

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Paid Social Can Be A Game-changer For Your Business

With approximately 3.725 billion active social media users, ignoring social media as part of your digital marketing strategy is a big mistake.

No matter whether your goal is to grow awareness of your brand within a niche sector or drive sales for your online shop, there is a place in the social media world for your brand and partnering up with a top Social Media Agency like us, can be game changing for your business.

We’re Different

Using an insights-driven approach, we accurately target the right consumers on the appropriate platforms and devices at the right times.

We analyse customer profiles in-depth to develop robust lookalike and retargeting audiences that achieve excellent ROAS.

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, trends shift, and audiences evolve. Through consistent testing, we optimise campaigns to ensure that paid social initiatives remain fresh and effective, allowing us to scale your campaigns and deliver more business results.

Our Paid Social Services

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Meta Ads

With 3B+ users worldwide, Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram ads) allow you to get your business in-front of a targeted audience, building brand awareness and sales, at scale, for an affordable cost.

LinkedIn Ads

With LinkedIn Ads, companies can target users across the marketing funnel based on job title, seniority, sector, and company. If you want to target only senior decision makers, you must target them specifically through LinkedIn Ads.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat advertising enables brands to distinguish themselves with dynamic visuals and affordable CPMs, making it effortless to stand out in the crowd.

X (Formerly Twitter) Ads

To fully leverage X’s 420 million active monthly users, you need a strategic partnership with an X advertising agency that understands how to navigate its unique ecosystem and get results.

TikTok Ads

TikTok offers unparalleled reach, providing a unique opportunity to connect with both current and potential customers, making this a must in any marketing plan.

Paid social involves showcasing sponsored advertising content on external social networking platforms to target specific customers. Marketing leaders frequently leverage paid social to enhance marketing efficiency and attract new customer segments.

Every business, market and situation is unique, so we don’t employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Paid Social Advertising. Instead, we provide bespoke plans for each client based on their needs, marketing budget and competition. To receive a tailored quotation for your Paid Social management, please contact our team today.

In this day and age, Paid Social Advertising is crucial for any modern business. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Grow online sales, leads and signups
  • Advanced targeting to reach your ideal customers
  • Maintain control of your campaigns and budgets

How We Approach Paid Search

Discovery Meeting

Prior to working with a new Paid Social client, our team performs extensive market and competitor research. By immersing ourselves in your company, we can create the most effective Paid Social plan to achieve your objectives.

Audience Research

We identify your perfect customer profile to make sure we are reaching the correct audience, who is likely to engage with your ads and convert, generating a strong ROAS.

Campaign Build

Our experts will structure your campaigns using best practice techniques, ensuring that your audiences, advertising copy and creative assets are as relevant as possible.

Landing Pages

We believe that when you are investing in Paid Social Media traffic, you should direct traffic to pages designed to maximise conversions. Even a small increase in conversion rate can make a huge difference to your bottom line. A high-converting landing page will boost results.

Daily Optimisations

We love to run A/B tests on ads and landing pages to gain a better understanding of what functions best. We never take things for granted. We test, adjust, and then test again.


We like to be extremely transparent with our clients, providing you with reports and updates along the way to let you know how your campaigns are performing and what we’re doing to make them perform better.

If you are looking for an expert Paid Social Agency get in touch with our team today for a no obligation quote.

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